Masaoma Yasunago in New York, NY

Masaoma Yasunago: Looking Afar at Lisson Gallery was a joy to see. The gravel display was perfect for the work.

“For his first exhibition in New York, the sculptor Masaomi Yasunaga presents a large body of new, experimental ceramic works. The gallery space features over 50 avant-garde vessel forms, including his largest to date, displayed on beds of gravel and flanked by structures fastened to the walls. Yasunaga’s unique practice and outright omission of clay offer a re-evaluation of ceramic tradition and reposition the works beyond ceramics to constructions that encompass sculpture, installation and even performance. Looking Afar explores the artist’s unprecedented process and the sentimentality that guides it.” (Lisson Gallery)

Watch this six minute video to learn about his unique process, where Yasunaga uses glaze as his primary material in building sculptural work.

Remember, in my effort to get you more content, I’m leaving out the details on each piece. Contact me if you want more information, as I of course have it.

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