Rose B. Simpson in New York, NY

Jack Shainman Gallery is currently presenting Rose B. Simpson: Road Less Traveled. The ceramic and mixed-media sculpture is quite personal to Simpson. You can read more about her here.

It kind of kills me to not share every detail of every image, but I am definitely getting more posts to you! You can look at all the information on the work I shared here. I have about fifty more art shows to share, and I’m heading to NYC for most of the Spring! My one woman show is time consuming, but I love hearing from you, my dear readers, that you are enjoying my posts. Thanks for following Woman Seeking Art!

“Rose B. Simpson makes bold, otherworldly clay figures in New Mexico’s Santa Clara Pueblo, adapting and updating ceramic techniques passed down from her mother, her grandmother and a long line of potters before them.

Some of the pieces in “Road Less Traveled,” her first solo exhibition in New York, comprise only heads and torsos, like Egyptian funerary jars; in “Conjure II,” a head alone looks up through a cloud of rings. But several of Simpson’s people are fully formed, with precise legs and torsos, impossibly long necks, and narrow, empty eye sockets. Instead of arms, “Release” has a long necklace of clay beads hanging down from loops on its shoulders. Lengths of twine are wrapped around its breast, and it’s speckled with fingerprint-shaped white and gray daubs, as if it had climbed out of some ancient riverbed and sculpted itself. In all of them, Simpson achieves a surprising depth and sense of range with her agile use of a small number of visual elements — Xs that become crosses, pairs of short dashes that look like quotation marks or equals signs, three or four natural shades of red and yellow.

Wandering around the show looking at Simpson’s handsome, solemn faces, you may wonder what they’re doing here. ‌ Are they spirits? Gods? Self-portraits? The dead? But when you notice that most of the pieces, though they evoke water jars, have no openings but their eyes, you’ll understand — they’re witnesses.” (WILL HEINRICH/The New York Times)

It fun to read an article in The New York Times after I’ve seen a show. This show in New York City runs through April 8, 2023.

Simpson also has a solo exhibition Dream House at The Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia which runs through May 7, 2023.

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  1. Hi Ann!! Just saw/met/heard Rose and her mother Roxanne at NCECA last week. WOW!! Love this article on Rose. Sometime you come visit us in Denver, I will take you to the art museum so you can see the ENORMOUS work of Roxanne’s, A HUGE storyteller she (and a number of community members) built on site. Rose’s work is also represented at our museum.

  2. Thank you for bringing this wonderful artist to my “digital door”. It is so wonderful of you to do this blog and broaden my art horizons.

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