Elisabeth Kley in New York, NY

I took the red eye to NYC last night, slept a few hours and I got right on track with the time change. It was an incredible afternoon of bright blue skies, and Spring-like weather. I spent time with a dear friend and then headed to some gallery openings by myself. Elisabeth Kley: A Seat in the Boat of the Sun was at one of my favorite galleries, and you might remember I’ve written about Kley a few times before. Click on the link to get updated on Kley if you don’t know her work.

I go into this gallery all the time. It is super close to where I live, and generally has excellent exhibitions. I recently wrote about their recent Katherine Bernhardt show.

Acrylic and charcoal on canvas
Glazed earthenware
Another angle
Ink and graphite on paper
Ink and graphite on paper
Ink and graphite on paper

In the large gallery space, all the work on the walls are acrylic and charcoal on canvas. All the other work is glazed earthenware.

I am generally alone in galleries, so it is a nice change to be with others at openings.

I walk by the gallery all the time, and love that they always have the Kley planters in their window.

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