Jakob Jorgensen in New York, NY

I am back in New York City for awhile, and there are so many new and exciting shows. I was eager to see the large steel sculptures in Jakob Jorgensen: Take Root. I love sculpture from industrial material, and knew this work would be up my alley.

“Take Root, a solo exhibition of monumental steel sculptures by Danish artist and designer Jakob Jørgensen (b. 1977). Jørgensen—well established in his home country as a furniture designer primarily working in wood—began to consider experimenting with industrial steel pipe as a medium for sculpture several years ago. In need of additional space and equipment to realize this vision, he submitted a proposal to the Danish National Workshop in 2017, allowing him access to their extensive metalworking facilities. As his investigations into the material intensified, he and his family relocated from Copenhagen to the remote island of Bornholm in 2020. In contrast to mainland Denmark, Bornholm’s landscape is rugged, marked by granite formations and pine forests that meet the beaches. There, unimpeded by the constraints of the city, Jørgensen converted a barn into a studio and built a workshop outfitted with the machinery and tools required to fully explore his new chosen medium. Take Root is the result of his endeavors over the course of the past two years.” (HB381)

Seeing what artists can accomplish in two years could be soul crushing or inspiring to other artists. I came out of this exhibition feeling inspired. While I have no desire to move to a remote island, I need to up my game in my ceramic studio.

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