Marilyn Minter in New York, NY

A few weeks ago I was at Salon 94, now called LGDR. It’s a tough name change for me, not unlike Whole Foods as I still call them Fresh Fields. Anyway, I was asking the gallery attendant when the next exhibition would be and he told me there would be an opening on April 12th for a new Marilyn Minter exhibition. I promptly put the date on my calendar as I am a Minter fan. I had the best time last night. Not only is it super to be back at openings, but LGDR, is truly the most beautiful gallery space in Manhattan. It’s a New York City mansion. The large three floors, and six gallery spaces, were full of Marilyn Minter’s paintings, video, sculpture and photography. Prosecco was being poured, and the people in attendance were chic. It was one of those openings that even my daughter would have thought I was cool for attending, and definitely enjoyed herself. I sent her this article from the New York Times that I read just before going in. If you have five minutes, it is worth a read.

I’ve been to the gallery countless times, and generally have the run of the place. It was exciting to walk into a crowded building full of Marilyn Minter fans.

There is a beautiful entrance to the building. Last time I visited there was a Betty Woodman bench below where this current Minter work is hanging.

Off to the right of the entrance is a small gallery that is always worth a visit. This fountain was the first of several multimedia sculptures at the exhibition.

The main room of the building had large works, and the piece below was my favorite in the room.

Enamel on metal in four parts

I thought the multimedia sculptures in the show were exceptional. There were several drinking fountains scattered throughout the building. Nobody was using them, but they are functional.

Thirsty (Drinking Fountain)
Stainless steel, urethane, projector, speakers, pump and water

There is a winding grand staircase to the second floor, which I’ve written about in past blog posts. There are two large gallery spaces on the second floor, but this room has always been my favorite in the entire gallery.

Glenn Ligon and Gloria Steinem
Enamel on metal
Enamel on metal
Lady Gaga
Enamel on metal
Monica Lewinsky and Mickalene Thomas
Enamel on metal
Thirsty (Drinking Fountain)
Stainless steel, urethane, projector, speakers, pump and water

The trick with the gallery is to go up a back stairwell to the third floor, and then you avoid the narrow spiral stairs. On the back stairwell a woman asked me if there was a bathroom nearby. I of course knew that the bathroom is on the first floor of the gallery, as it is the coolest bathroom in Manhattan. I always use it whether I need to or not. I really know my galleries. This third floor gallery space facing the front of the building gets the most beautiful light, and is reminding me that I need to show you images from my last visit.

Enamel on metal

Salon 94, when it was just Salon 94, opened up a new section of the third floor awhile back, and it is another gorgeous space. Last visit the room was full of Judy Chicago and Ruby Neri works. I walked in and while it was hard to miss the fabulous Lizzo piece over the mantle, I was thrilled that sitting on the spectacular table were three Betty Woodman pieces. My favorite Woodman pillow shapes. Just wow!

Three Betty Woodman pieces on the table
About Damn Time, 2023
Dye-sublimation print
Dye sublimation print

I hated to leave, but was going downtown to see My Architect at the Film Forum. On my way out I scoured the room to see if Minter was around. She was, and isn’t she just fabulous? Minter is in her mid 70’s and as she said in the New York Times article: “The art world loves young bad boys and old ladies,” Minter continued. “Maybe they can see me now because I didn’t go away — I haven’t disappeared.”

I left the show hopeful and happy. It is up through June 3, 2023, and I’ll definitely be stopping in again when I’m uptown.

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