Seattle Art Fair in Seattle, WA

Excuse my absence. While I have not posted in some time, I have seen a ton of art. My kids, who are always my first priority in life, have kept me busy with a final year of rowing, two graduations, and an upcoming wedding. I will have plenty of time after the wedding to catch you up on some amazing art I’ve seen. In the meantime, here are my favorite picks from the opening night of the Seattle Art Fair.

I’m a long time fan of Humaira Abid’s work. She just gets better and better. These two carved pine wood wall pieces are even more spectacular in person.

Humaira Abid, Folded Stories: Second Series, 2023
Carved pine

I did not know much about Jacob Lawrence until I moved to Seattle. I adore his work and have seen a lot. I had not seen this gouache on paper work before, and it certainly would have been an amazing wedding present for my chess playing son. I love giving art to my kids as gifts. Of course it was not a realistic option at $250,000. I did have fun talking to two ladies who had known him, and we all jokingly lamented that it had already sold.

Jacob Lawrence, Games – Chess, 1999
Gouache on paper

A favorite Seattle artist of mine is Jaq Chartier, and am always happy to see her work in person.

Jaq Chartier, 2023
Acrylic, inks, dyes, stains & spray paint on wood panel

I just wrote my friend’s daughter a letter at sleep away camp and used my Wayne Thiebaud stationary. I only send camp letters on art cards, and talk about the artist and their work. I mean, really, what am I going to write a long card to an 11 year old about? Anyway, I had not seen the paint can lithograph below before, and it was really striking. It’s $65,000, and was still available on Thursday night.

Wayne Thiebaud, Paint Cans, 1990

Who doesn’t love Jun Kaneko’s ceramic work? These two pieces were lovely.

Jun Kaneko, Untitled, 2018 and 2022
Glazed ceramics

George Rodriquez is a great guy and talented ceramic artist. He is prolific, and yet I had never seen a large planter! I loved this piece below.

George Rodriguez, Ascending Macaw Spring, 2023
Stoneware and underglaze and glaze

My favorite booth at the art fair was John Natsoulas Gallery from Davis, CA. You can’t not love John Natsoulas, the most charismatic art dealer around. He has such an incredible group of artists, many who I know, know a lot about and definitely collect.

I adore Patti Warashina, and she is still, having just turned 83, the most prolific and dynamic ceramic artist I know. She amazes me in every way. I have actually seen a lot of her work at various shows in NYC over the past few months, which I’ll share with you soon. I particularly liked the piece, Vegetarian Swim, below. She always makes me laugh with her smart spot on humor.

Patti Warashina, Vegetarian Swim, 2023
Earthware, underglaze, glaze
Patti Warashina, Fish in Hot Water, 2023
Earthenware, underglaze, glaze

David Gilhooly is among my favorite ceramic artists from The Funk Ceramic Movement of the San Francisco Bay Area. I am a huge fan and have lots of his work that I’ve seen recently to share with you too. His work also makes me laugh.

David Gilhooly, Frog Croissant and Fishwich
Two left pieces: Shalene Valenzuela, L’eggs Salt and Pepper Set

Far right piece: David Gilhooly, Frog Burger

And Shalene Valenzuela, a really lovely Montana ceramic artist, who I’m certain I’ve talked about. Her work makes me smile.

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