New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA) in Miami, FL

After a one year pandemic based hiatus, I was absolutely thrilled to be in Miami for Art Basel week. I had my time planned carefully as many of the shows required reservations this year. I don’t like to miss out on anything.

My first stop after dropping off my luggage was to the Ice Palace Studios where the New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA) fair has been held the past few years. It has a great outdoor area to get coffee, food, or lay in a hammock, and the people watching is spectacular. You can read my NADA post from two years ago here.

Ryan Cullen, Greta Garbo Stand Up Sighs, China Eastern Airlines (Bette Davis Eyes), 2020
Oil on linen

After drinking two double espressos and showing my vaccine card, I walked in. Four and a half hours later, I went outside to take off my mask and get some warm air and sunshine. The hours had flown by.

Laurent Dufour
Glazed ceramic
Lefebvre Et Fils

My favorite gallery of work was Lefebvre Et Fils from Paris. Laurent Dufour’s ceramic pieces were stunning. I loved everything about them.

I thought a gallery, from Lima, PE, had the most innovative wall material. What a cool looking space!

Michael Janssen Gallery

I liked how the gallery from Berlin added space to their booth by creating an extra wall!

Ryan Schneider, Old Guards, 2021
Oil pigment on burnt Torrey Pine
The Pit
Polina Barskaya, Waking up in Kurili, 2020
Acrylic on panel
Althuis Holland Fine Arts

Susumu Kamijo
Stems Gallery
Yann Gerstberger
Cotton, linoleum, colle neoprene, pigments naturels
Sorry We’re Closed
Brussels, BE
Anastasia Bay
Sorry We’re Closed
Brussels, BE
Hangman Amiri, Eight Seated Women, 2021
Chiffon, cotton, muslin, polyester, velvet on chiffon paper and color pencil on fabric
Towards Gallery
David Kennedy Cutler, Top Cutter, 2021
Inkjet transfer, acrylic and Permalac on plaster and canvas
Halsey McKay Gallery
Glen Baldridge, No Way, 2021
Gouache on paper
Klaus Von Nichtssagend Gallery
Alessandro Teoidl, Untitled (fruit bowl), 2021
Cast concrete
Jens Kothe, Stressed Membranes XII, 2021
Acrylic, plaster, plywood, transparent varnish, nails, staples, cushion, velvet, foil, silicone, epoxy resin
Downs & Ross
Jens Kothe
Berthold Pott
Cologne, DE
Kathleen Herilhy-Paoil, Lake Mead, 2021
Oil on canvas with metal bar
Christian Newby, Flower Necklace-Cargo Net, 2021
Patricia Fleming
Megan Dominescu
Handmade rug hooking on burlap
Anca Poterasu Gallery
Bucharest, RO
Zoe Walsh, Sometimes Watching, 2021 (left image)
Acrylic on canvas wrapped panel

Zoe Walsh, Boys of Spring, 2021 (right image)
Acrylic on canvas wrapped panel

M + B
Didier William, Koupe Tet, Boule Kay 3, 2021 (left image)
Oil, acrylic, ink on panel

Didier William, Koupe Tet, Boule Kay 2, 2021 (right image)
Oil, acrylic, ink on panel

Ryan Travis Christian, Holding Up My House Roof, 2021
Oil and graphite on canvas stretched over panel
Western Exhibitions
Jasmine LIttle
Stoneware and glaze
Nina Johnson
Chakaia Booker, Untitled, 2021
Lithograph and chine colle on embossed paper
EFA Robert Blackburn. Printmaking Workshop
Chris Bradley, Potato, 2021
Painted cast urethane, mechanical system, custom built wall
Ackerman Clarke
Cutest dog at The Hole

I took a Lyft back to Miami Beach and met up with my brother and sister-in-law (I always refer to them as Herb and Dorothy), who had just arrived in town. We settled into our AirBnB and stopped into the art fair Untitled for a sneak peak. I went back on Saturday and will fill you in on that soon. We had a great dinner at Abbale Telavivian Kitchen after first getting cocktails at Swizzle. Herb always finds the best places. I highly recommend both.

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