Eli Ping in New York, NY

The Maps app on my iPhone sent me on the most roundabout of routes to Ramiken gallery. I almost gave up, as it was the last stop after a long day of art seeking. I finally called the gallery, and wow am I thrilled that I did. The Eli Ping exhibition, Motes and Monocarps, was among my recent favorites. I adore resin, and this was resin heaven.

Born in 1977 in Chicago, Ping received his MFA at the University of Illinois. He lives and works in Brooklyn. I couldn’t find much on Ping, but the other work I’ve seen, in my hunt for information on him, is cool. The gallery attendant told me that the pieces are canvas, dipped into resin and manipulated into their forms. The color coming through is from the canvas. They are absolutely gorgeous in person.

If you go to Ramiken, know that it is down the side of a strip of stores, and behind a wine shop.

Down the street are The Pickle Guys who have an amazing selection of pickled items. Next door is Diller which has pretty great fried pickles.

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