Matthew Ronay in New York, NY

I went to a bunch of art openings on a Wednesday night in Chelsea. I was late for a family dinner but, even though off the beaten path, I ran over to the Matthew Ronay show, Ligatures, at Casey Kaplan. It seems the last exhibit I get to always turns out to be a favorite.

I had seen one image of Ronay’s work before I went to the show, and audibly gasped as I walked into the bustling gallery. The color combinations were vibrant, fabulous and unusual. I adore well done flocking.

Forces, 2020
Basswood, dye, gouache, flocking, plastic, steel

I ended up being really late to the dinner, as each sculpture had so much detail to take in.

Castrum, 2021
Basswood, dye, flocking, plastic, steel, HMA
3VL, 2021
Basswood, dye, plastic, steel
Torso, 2020
Basswood, dye, gouache, steel, plastic

Born in 1976 in Kentucky, Ronay earned an MFA from Yale in 2000. He lives and works in Brooklyn. Read this article to learn a bit about him and his process.

The exhibition is open until January 8, 2022.

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